Tricia Tam
Head, Inclusive Education

Tricia has 16 years of experience in early childhood education, including 9 years in special education (children aged 7-18). She has worked with children with a range of developmental challenges, developing individual education plans that bring positive outcomes.

As Head of Inclusive Education, Tricia takes on a collaborative approach towards innovating and improving inclusive practices in preschools so that every child has an equal opportunity to learn.

Tricia’s qualifications

• Masters in Inclusion and Special Education (Monash University)
• Post Graduate Certificate in Education (Monash University)
• Bachelors in Psychology (Hons) – (James Cook University)
• Diploma in Early Childhood Education – (SEED Institute)
• Certificate and Higher Certificate in Autism (Autism Resource Centre)
• Trained in TEACCH program

Eunice Goh
Early Intervention Specialist

Eunice has 5 years of experience in early childhood education, including 2 years in early intervention (children aged 3-7). She believes in dignity for every child, and values interacting and communicating with and about all children in a manner that is respectful to their strengths and needs. As an advocate for inclusion, Eunice is passionate about uplifting children with added needs by understanding and supporting the child, and through fostering a close partnership between caregivers, teachers and principals, and other professionals working with the child.


Eunice’s qualifications:

• Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (National University of Singapore)
• Certificate in Autism (Autism Resource Centre)
• Structured teaching (TEACCH Program), Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) (Level 1), Strategies for Development of Hand Function, Pre-writing and Handwriting Skills for Children.

Valencia Tan
Early Intervention Specialist

Having worked in a SPED school for 5 years, Valencia values a relational partnership with the children there, with consistency being key to attaining success in academic learning and character building. Her work ethics include seeking first to understand a child above anything else. She also believes to be the catalyst to inform the community around her on people with special needs – on ways to support a quality life that is both meaningful and dignifying for the individuals.


Valencia’s Qualifications:

• Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) Summa Cum Laude
• Certificate in Autism (Autism Resource Centre)
• Trained in TEACCH Program

Illiyana Wong
Early Intervention Specialist

Having worked as an educator in BrightPath Inclusive Preschool for 2 years, Illiyana believes in providing quality learning experiences for all children regardless of their abilities. By providing individualized support for each child, structured meaningful play experiences allow them to make sense of the world and grow side by side with their peers.

Illiyana’s Qualifications:

• Diploma in Child Psychology and Early Education (specialisation in Early Intervention)
• Certificate in Autism (ARC)